Tuesday, 31 March 2009


The lovely Joanie has tagged me. I have to show the 7th pic of the 7th file. My photos are in one file at the moment so this came up 7th. Its my son BANANA MAN and my daughter in law AN ALIEN! We were all going to a fancy dress charity night and Trish (d-i-l) made her own outfit, its was fantastic! Mind you she was still silver the following day even after scrubbing herself raw lol.
Right I have to offer the tag to 7 other people (poor you, I see you all running for the skirting boards in an effort to avoid me).
1 Scrappyjacky
2. Christine
3 Sharon
4 Keryn
5. Enfys
6. Craftyrose
7. Michele
I will leave a post on your blogs and its entirely up to you if you have time to do it or not.


scrappyjacky said...

Thanks very much,Pinky!!!!!!!!!!
I'll give it a go,but may be a couple of days before I get round to it.

michele said...

thanks pinky!!! lol I will try hun!
love the photo!
hugs mx

mckinkle said...

Blimey! I'll try but not sure I can find 7 friends as Im so new to it, will give it a go tho even if its only to a few!!
Your DIL looks amazing! Looks good fun!

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