Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Bit Of Fun....

I received this from Scrappyjacky and Craft Chris. I have to tell 5 things about myself and pass it on. Thanks ladies, if you get a minute pop over and check this pair out, two very crafty ladies!
1. I love to make cards (obvious I know)
2. I am now a doggy lover! (big surprise to me too lol)
3. I dread the day when my kids all move out!
4. I hate scary movies (bit of a wimp)
5. I love getting to stay in a hotel! (doesn't happen often though)
Haven't decided who I will pass this on to, so I'll have a wee think.


Crafty Chris said...

Hiya Mrs who are you calling specky, wimp, haha, isnt it a good job you cant chat on this we would be stuck here all day, WOJ have a sale on so ordered that stamp, thats me finished, its my b'day on sunday a big 48 ahhhhh, did I tell you I found your stamp it will be in the post tomorrow, Christine x

Crafty Chris said...

Hi its Willow writing recipes, she is gorgeous, that is my last I have to keep telling myself that, He wouldnt tell me probaly going out for a meal. Christine x

scrappyjacky said...

Love reading all these facts about people....helps me feel I know them better.I hate scary movies as well....blood and gore is fine...but not scary.

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